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Our Sponsors

NRG 4055 is grateful for major sponsorships from Arconic Foundation, Ro-brand Products, Inc., United Technologies, Northwestern Regional High School, and Whiting Mills. Please see our sponsor page for a list of all of our wonderful sponsors!

Facilities are provided by Whiting Mills in Winsted, Connecticut (this is where we’re based out of).

Our Team Members and Mentors

NRG has 14 students and 10 mentors officially participating. We have a diverse group of people and we come from all aspects of life. For example, our mentors reflect our group- from companies (like UNITED TECHNOLOGIES, and others) to parents and siblings to even friends and college students. Our members are another example of this- everyone comes together to create our identity. We are NRG-the Gearheads.

Our Team's Mentorship & Coopertition from other teams

NRG 4055 has visited many other FIRST teams and each one has provided for great experiences, such as Team 178, the 2nd Law Enforcers from Farmington, CT and Team 237, Black Magic from Watertown.

Our Events and Fundraising

In the 2018 season, our team put on a fundraiser for the team at the Torrington Applebee’s on March 3. There we raised $1,345; the team raised $500 and the rest went to the students. On March 2, 2019, we will be hosting the fundraiser at Applebee’s again. If you want to learn more or participate, please email us with any questions.

NRG 4055 also participated in Team 178′s science fair at Lake Garda in 2018.

The team will be competing in the NE District Waterbury Event, NE District Western NE Event, NE District Pine Tree Event, and intend to participate in the New England Championship WPI and the World Championship. Visit our events page for more information on dates and locations

Our Meeting Location:

111 Whiting Street

Winsted, CT 06058

Suite 103

We have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so please feel free to stop by!

Our E-mail Address is nrg4055pr@outlook.com 

Our Mailing Address:


100 Battistoni Drive

Winsted, CT 06058

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