Are these tickets more expensive than just purchasing them directly?

No, the price you will pay ($30), is equivalent to the price you could get anywhere else, ($27+$3 fee)

I purchased tickets, how do I pick them up?

We will either physically give you or email you a receipt for your ticket order, simply go to the box office with your order and receipt after purchasing to pick up your tickets.

How are the seats arranged?

If you purchased tickets through us, your tickets will be in a dedicated block in the most optimal place possible. You will receive tickets next to anyone else you order tickets with but to sit anywhere else you may also contact the Warner and pay a small fee to relocate your seat.

How does this support the team?

Through the Warner's generosity, we receive a small portion of any tickets we sell.

How can I contact the Warner?

Visit or call (860) 489-7180

Where is the Warner Theatre located?

The venue is:

 Main Stage - Warner Theatre 
68 Main Street 
Torrington CT 06790

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